[MY]Kit List

As a new hiker it can be daunting knowing what’s best without going for the most popular and most expensive brands and they aren’t always the best, most comfortable / suitable for you. It’s a very personal preference when it comes to choosing your kit. 

First and foremost - boots - this is the hardest and most important thing to get right. I’ve gone through a few brands to get to my favourite pair…

[note these brands are suitable for me: and are just to give you a guide to help you find what is suitable for you!

Decathlon & Go Outdoors offer low price brands to start out. I bought low end priced gear when I started and upgraded at a later date] 

So, without further ado!

I look for 

  • Style 
  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Grip sole


    online approx £100.00

    Danner Trail shoe £130

    recently purchased Jan 2023 sales, they’re incredibly comfortable. I shall report back on longevity at a later date. 

    OSPREY backpack - no complaints. Perfect for hiking.

    Rook 50 - great when you’re carrying more kit for camping

    go outdoors approx £120 

    Osprey Daylite Plus 

    go outdoors approx £80

    I have the osprey ‘CAMEL BACK’ / hydration pack/ water bladder for water which fits in with the osprey bag perfectly. These are so handy when hiking saving you stopping and taking off your backpack etc.

    go outdoors approx £30

    Rab Microlight Alpine Down Long Jacket

    go outdoors approx £200

    Dope blizzard light jacket

    dope snow approx £135

    Acai outdoor soft shell leggings £55


    The above mentioned is what you want to get first really, then move on to the finer details! Which I’ll continue…

    Garmin instinct solar 2 smart watch 

    go outdoors approx £300

    Trekmates waterproof phone pouch 

    go outdoors approx £10 

    …additional to your boots for the winter, spikes are handy, these can be easily put over your hiking boots to allow extra grip on ice and snow on the mountains.

    online approx £20.00

    [Crampons - if you have high spec mountaineering boots.]

    Retractable walking poles - these come in handy when descending if your knees are tired. 

    online approx £25.00


    Head torch - forklaz - nothing fancy but it does the job! Cheap in comparison to all others.
    decathlon £4.99

    Socks - sealskins waterproof or any anti blister moisture wicking socks or alpaca wool socks 

    Gloves - touchscreen tip

    dope snow approx £25

    Jetboil / cooking system - other brands available 

    go outdoors approx £100 / from £50

    Portable battery power bank - online approx £40

    Whistle - sports direct 

    Compass - sports direct 

    Pen knife - online approx £10

    First aid kit - online approx £10

    with additional blister plasters as they are the best. I’ve never needed them since my KEEN boots but always good to have. 


    W I L D   C A M P

    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag 
    • Foam roll
    • Pillow 



    W I L D   S W I M / paddle boarding 

    • Dry bag approx £15 [amazon]
    • Swimsuit / Wetsuit approx £50 [I have free spirit wet suit from go outdoors]
    • Water shoes approx £20 [I have Free spirit from go outdoors]


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